While David tries to reach as many people as possible through spiritual demonstration, he also recognises that some people prefer the more personal environment of a private reading.  David prefers to work purely with his mediumship and chooses not to use tools like tarot cards when giving a personal reading. The tarot is only one of many divination tools used for focussing psychically and, while David does not criticise the use of them, prefers not to use any tools himself and instead works in the same way as he would do if he was demonstrating on platform or stage. This, in no way, affects the reading or a connection to your loved ones and your messages would still be the same. 

David has a very busy diary but time permitting, will happily come to your house and give either one-to-one private readings, readings to a group of friends, or can perform a 'mini platform demonstration' at your house to your friends as a larger group. Naturally, minimum and maximum numbers apply depending upon your requirement so please contact  us if you require more information. It would also be useful if you could supply your location and an idea of whether you are looking for private readings or a group demonstration.


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