David has been aware of the spirit world all of his life.

Even as a young boy he would find that 'strange' things happened around him or that he could see people that other people couldn't. At the time this frightened him and he would often run into his parent's bedroom at night only to be told he had an overactive imagination. Eventually, he described in full detail to his mother his Grandmother, who he had never met, and she realised that this was something to be nurtured in her son rather than dismissed as childhood imagination.

David ultimately found the Spiritualist Church at Bold Street in Sheffield where he spent seven years in a development class learning how to work with his gift so that he could control when and where he used it. He also attended a number of residential courses at the world famous Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science at Stansted.

Since the year 2000  he has been demonstrating mediumship in halls and theatres in the United Kingdom and Internationally and continues to work in spiritualist churches, an undertaking that he truly loves.

David considers the ability to provide proof to someone that life is eternal to be a true blessing from God.

"I love every aspect of mediumship!

I enjoy giving sittings and absolutely giddy at times when I've got a demonstration to do but most of all , I become overwhelmed with emotion when watching students develop and seeing the realisation of possibilities within themselves as I gently encourage them to push through their own insecurities. It's like watching the Sunrise in a brand new soul."

 David Russell